Friday, June 6, 2014

Post-feeding shots.

Things get grisly around here after a feeding. Click the images for very high resolution.

Drosera bumannii digesting food.
Drosera burmannii, looking just as hungry as ever.

Drosera scorpioides digesting a meal.
Drosera scorpioides, all curled up over one another.

Drosera adelae and baby digesting.
My Drosera adelae baby seems to have taken well to feeding.

Drosera capensis 'Albino' digesting a meal.
Check out the enormous quantity of dew on this Drosera capensis 'Albino'!

Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema with meal.
Even Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema is getting in on the digesting action.

I'm really struck by how liquidy the plant food looks on a lot of these dews at they digest it right there on the leaf. What an extraordinary piece of evolution. It's part of why I love sundews. Hope to see lots of new growth in the upcoming weeks.

My Sarracenia, in the mean time, are quite adept at feeding themselves.

Sarracenia flava packed with bugs.
Those shadows are the piles of bugs. Looks like somebody chewed its way to freedom though. Sarracenia flava, like all Sarrs, is a ravenous eater.


  1. Really enjoying this blog and your plants look great. What do you feed your Drosera?

    1. Thanks James! Glad you like it. I just mentioned it in my most recent post ( but I use beta fish food for my Drosera. I grind it up, and then either apply it as a powder with a toothpick, or mix with with a tiny amount of water to make a sort of dough which I can portion out a bit more easily. It depends on how much effort I'm willing to go to at the time :-P