Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plants that are doing great!

I feel like lately I've been posting a lot about plants that are struggling, or cultivation errors, stuff like that. I've felt a little down on the collection recently, mostly because I haven't had time to spend with my plants, even though there are several chores I'd like to do. Also the Summer Batch isn't doing so hot (but that's a later post).

In order to not be all down in the dumps, I decided to document some plants that are doing really well. Most of these I haven't mentioned much lately.

First up, my Drosera anglica  CA x HI has bounced back strongly from that haircut I gave it back in June.

Drosera anglica CA x HI
This hybrid is really the work of an extremely skilled horticulturalist.
I haven't even fed it all that much. This is an extremely vigorous clone, and it seems to really like my conditions. Major winner!

My main Drosera aliciae is sending up a new bloom stalk, and is looking as good as I've ever seen it look.

Drosera aliciae with flower stalk
The color on this plant is still totally nice, just not as burnished red as it can get.
This is the first time it's seemed properly dewy. My lights are somewhat higher than they were a couple months ago (to accommodate my Drosera binata clones), so the light intensity is somewhat lower. As a result the leaves are a bit longer and the coloration isn't as red. However, dew production is higher and the plant looks healthier over all. Perhaps a data point against my "more light is always better" standard for sundews?

I received a Utricularia calycifida during the NASC Auction, and it is spreading all over the pot, in addition to mounding up nicely in the middle.

Utricularia calycifida
It's so funny seeing a pot fill up with a utric.
Now I'm just waiting for it to bloom, which is always the goal with utrics. Although I've got to say, seeing the new leaves pop up everywhere is extremely gratifying, even without flowers.

This little Sarracenia purpurea seedling I received as a trade bonus is quite the treat to have inside.

Sarracenia purpurea seedling
I'll totally be able to keep growing these under lights for at least another year.
Coloration is great, and it's pitchering nicely. This is especially nice since the S. purpurea I have outside is all torn up. I couldn't figure out what was going on until one day I noticed a pigeon perching on top of the pitcher plant, from whence it would peck the bugs out of the taller plants (like Sarracenia flava and Sarracenia leucophylla), also damaging those. It's a grim sight among the pitcher plants outside (although in truth they're essentially healthy and growing, just beat up).

Okay, enough bad news! Back to the cool plants. Check out how rad this Drosera binata clone is looking.

Drosera binata
The color on this clone is really special. Look at that red!
It's big time! Great color, great dew, just going along putting out new growth. A+, would grow again.

Finally, a permanent member of the "plants that make me feel happy" club, Drosera allantostigma.

Drosera allantostigma (and friends)
D. allantostigma is really my loveliest sundew.
This picture almost captures its wonderful shape, and the color and the dew are obvious. In my opinion this little pygmy is the gold standard in rosetted sundews. It's just so perfectly shaped and lovely and it grows and grows. Pretty much perfect in every way.

There. I feel better. Sometimes it's important to sit back and think how cool it is to be growing these complex, unique plants. It's really a privilege, if you think about it – getting to observe these weird life-forms up close and learn about this whole different world, right in my living room. Sundews are great :)

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