Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drosera adelae is offset crazy

It's exactly 6 months since I first posted about the Drosera adelae I bought from Natch Greyes.

Drosera adelae plantlet.
A wee little plantlet.
Today things look a bit different.

Large Drosera adelae.
Big plant.
This that original individual, my D. adelae mother plant. It's big! The leaves are 2.5 – 3 inches (6-8 cm) long, and it's got new plants sprouting up from the roots left and right. Let's count them.

Drosera adelae and offset.
This one is hiding.

Drosera adelae and offsets.
These are out in the open.
Two, three...

Drosera adelae and offsets.
Some more hiding.

Drosera adelae and offsets.
A little baby plantlet.

Drosera adelae.
Two larger plants in a separate pot.
These two were separated out into a new pot a bit ago, which makes six and seven...

Drosera adelae and offsets.
Making plantlets of their own.
And these two babies they've produced make eight and nine!

Remember, everything except the mother plant and the 2 in the separate pot have emerged since I repotted back in mid-July. Why has this plant been so prolific lately? I think it's partly due to the airier, less densely-packed LFS I used for potting. Over on Grow Sundews they mention that D. adelae will form new plantlets whenever light reaches its roots, so I think the lighter mix has allowed a bit more light to get down there to stimulate plantlet formation.

I do wish my D. adelae would color up a bit more though. Look at the red coloration Aaron gets on his plants (which are mixed in with some Drosera prolifera as well). Maybe I need to resolve not to feed my D. adelae for some months to see if I get any redness.

Speaking of D. prolifera, mine isn't doing so hot.

Drosera prolifera in decline.
D. prolifera: dead (right) and dying (left).
I moved it to a cooler, lower-light area in my grow space, but also to one with somewhat lower humidity. Maybe I should stick it under a humidity tent until it starts growing again and then slowly harden it off. The Sphagnum is loving the new spot.

Luckily, there is one little plantlet developing on the side of the pot.

Drosera prolifera plantlet.
At least there's hope!
Hopefully it'll start off better acclimated to these conditions. And if not, at least I have a great Sphagnum culture going here!

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