Friday, October 10, 2014

Drosera spiralis in full bloom

I know I've been talking about flowers lately, but I'm so proud of my Drosera spiralis.

Drosera spiralis flower.
Recently caught a nice fly too!
Caught it fully open and in lovely bloom. I fiddled around a bit with a toothpick among the sex parts to help it possibly self-pollinate, but I need to get a small paintbrush to do it right. I hope another flower opens up tomorrow so I can take it to the BACPS meeting.

Some other plants are looking pretty nice lately. The Sphagnum in this Drosera prolifera pot is swallowing the plantlets.

Drosera prolifera.
The always-changing D. prolifera pot.
Maybe that's what the long petioles are for?

This presumed Drosera spatulata is also being eaten by Sphagnum.

Drosera spatulata with lots of Sphagnum.
Love this moss!
I think I'm going to take this pot to show off as well, since the moss is just such a nice color.

Right next door my Drosera natalensis seedlings are chugging along.

Drosera natalensis seedlings.
Feeding makes a huge difference with sundew seedlings.
The feeding has made a big difference.

Finally, my Pinguicula moranensis has gotten a good deal larger since I bought it a couple months ago.

Pinguicula moranensis.
Such a cutie.
I think I'm going to not force it to go dormant. If it starts forming succulent leaves then I'll move it to a different tray and scale back the water, but for now it looks really good.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll have any plants available to bring to the raffle/auction for this BACPS meeting. I have a few selections from the Summer Batch that are coming along, but they're not potted up or anything. Next time!


  1. Wow, yea looks like it's thriving!
    Were you able to pollinate this while it was in flower?
    Have you tried other propagation methods to get some back up plants?
    I can't find them anywhere...

    1. I didn't really do any pollination, and I've also heard that selfed plants tend to have reduced vigor. I think I remember that Aaron over at has successfully done a leaf pulling, but I haven't tried it. It's so hard to bring myself to remove a leaf when there are only like 4 at a given time.