Monday, November 24, 2014

Drosera venusta back in action

My Drosera venusta was looking a little so-so for a while, but recently it has been doing a lot better. It's even got a new flower stalk.

Drosera venusta with flower stalk.
Looking less fried than it did during summer. Maybe it was the heat.
The last couple stalks it made aborted for some reason, but this one is growing all the way up into the lights.

Drosera venusta stalk growing into the lights.
I moved it just in time.
That means it's time for a move! I decided to have it take the place of my Pinguicula laureana x emarginata, which isn't going to need very much vertical room. I also decided to pull out those Utricularia bisquamata flowers, because as much as I find it to be a charming weed, I'd prefer it not set seed all over my collection.

Speaking of weeds, while I was shuffling around the plants to make room from the D. venusta I bumped my Drosera capensis red form flower stalk.

Pinguicula laureana x emarginata with Drosera capensis red form seeds.
Hope I don't get too many D. capensis red form seedlings everywhere.
Dang! I took a pause from shuffling plants to harvest some D. capensis red form seed (and also, while I was at it, some D. capensis 'Albino'). Those seeds will be available for sale soon.

In any case, I got it all set up, and now I'm ready for it to bloom and set seed. Exciting!

Drosera venusta.
Beauty shot!


  1. I'd love to trade for a pup off that Pinguicula laureana x emarginata in the spring. I'll just have to figure out what I have that you'd want so I can get to propagating. -N

    1. I'll keep that little guy in the top right earmarked for you Natch. I'd love P. cyclosecta or P. esseriana, and I'm also interested in U. nelumbifolia. I can be tempted by lots of stuff though!