Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Progress shots from the Pygmy Garden

Things are really starting to get going over in the Pygmy Garden.

Pygmy sundew garden.
The Pygmy Garden is starting to actually look like a garden now.
You can start seeing distinct patches developing. I'm really looking forward to seeing this a few months down the road once everything has filled in. Let's get in close!

Drosera omissa and other pygmy sundews.
Drosera omissa (center) surrounded by other species.
Drosera silvicola, pygmy sundew.
Drosera silvicola getting that stem going.
Drosera x Carbarup.
Deep red Drosera x Carbarup.
Drosera x Dork's Pink.
The prettiest one in the bunch so far, Drosera x Dork's Pink.
I'm definitely glad I drew up this map when I was first creating the garden. It's a bit rough, but it was enough for me to figure out which was which. There are so many pygmies in this garden! I can't even imagine how cute it's going to be when some of them start blooming.

Speaking of blooms, I've got a little something developing on my Pinguicula laueana x emarginata.

Drosera laueana x emarginata.
My first-ever bloom on a ping other than Pinguicula gigantea.
I was just thinking earlier about how I want to pot this up into something bigger. Now I guess I'll wait at least until it's done flowering. I'm excited!

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