Saturday, June 27, 2015

Some new plants

Everyone (in the US at least) should check out Carnivorous Plant Auctions and Sales on Facebook. It's a great group to find uncommon plants for sale. Just recently I bought a couple plants from Brie, a grower in Washington state who has an amazing collection (I'm especially fond of her pings).

The first plant I got was a mature Pinguicula reticulata.

Pinguicula reticulata.
Some leaves fell off during potting, so I'm hoping I get some babies.
I just couldn't resist! I didn't want to wait for the little guy I got in the NASC auction to grow up.

Pinguicula reticulata.
Come on little guy!
And who knows, maybe it'll be two different clones and I can try cross-pollinating them at some point.

I also picked up a mature Dionaea 'Justina Davis'.

Dionaea muscipula 'Justina Davis'.
Flytraps are pretty cool I guess.
This all-green cultivar was registered by Barry Rice back in the days of yore (2006). Definitely a less-than-common cultivar with a funny story behind the name.

Finally, since I've been moving things around a bit under the lights I had room to start some new seeds. It's been a while since I started seeds!

Starting various Drosera from seed.
Starting from seed is so exciting.
These four pots contain seeds of Drosera burmannii (Gunug Keledang), Drosera filiformis "Florida all-red", Drosera brevifolia (Kountze, TX), and Drosera tomentosa. It's been a while since I've started from seed, so I'm excited to watch these guys get going.


  1. Nice plants! I have a Justina Davis too! They're pretty impressive flytraps :)

    1. I just read that mini article on where the name venus flytrap/Justina Davis come from. WOW I would have never guessed hahahaa

  2. I've been having some problem with caterpillar damaging my plants, do you have any recommended pesticide? thanks!

    1. I've never used pesticide for caterpillars. I've always just tracked them down and physically removed them from my plants.