Monday, October 12, 2015

A few new plants

I've gotten a good number of new plants recently, the first new plants in some time. At the risk of turning this into Nepenthes Etc., most of them are new neps. It's just that my kitchen windowsill is so great for them! First up though, I got a couple of plants for my girlfriend to put in her new office at work.

She really likes the Nepenthes ventricosa I got from Josh a while back, so I got her one of her own when I was visiting him last week.

Nepenthes ventricosa.
It's small now, but not for long.
This species is just too adorable to pass up.

I've also been up to California Carnivores a couple times in the last month, and since I had some gift cards I decided to get some of their neps. This Nepenthes sibuyanensis × talangensis is another for her window at work.

Nepenthes sibuyanensis × talangensis
I just feel like these pitchers are much too cute.
Nepenthes sibuyanensis × talangensis.
Just look at them!
I love how round the peristome is on this guy. Great pitcher shape for being so small.

Just like everyone, Catherine loves pings. I picked up a Pinguicula sp. Tehuacán for her on that trip too.

Pinguicula sp. Tehuacán.
I think pings are the perfect starter carnivores.
So pink.

For myself, I've become quite enamored of hybrids of Nepenthes aristolochioides. This N. sibuyanensis × aristolochioides is a particularly awesome-looking one.

Nepenthes sibuyanensis × aristolochioides.
It's so easy to anthropomorphize neps sometimes. You can imagine what this little guy's voice would sound like.
This one is from California Carnivores as well. Check out that amazing pitcher shape.

I mentioned my burgeoning interest to Josh, and he found a basal of Nepenthes spectabilis "Giant" × aristolochioides on one of his large plants for me.

Nepenthes spectabilis "Giant" × aristolochioides.
Wonderful color!
Nepenthes spectabilis "Giant" × aristolochioides.
It won't stay this size for long.
Hanging out with Josh – who is a dedicated Nepenthes fan with a very nice collection – is almost certainly the reason that I'm now interested in the neps. I think he's probably pretty smug about that.

Another fun hybrid from Predatory Plants is this Nepenthes hamata × platychila.

Nepenthes hamata × platychila.
Such a great mix of characteristics.
Nepenthes hamata × platychila.
Love them N. hamata lid hairs.
Nepenthes hamata × platychila.
I'm excited for that new leaf.
In addition to the pitchers – which are clearly rad as heck – I really like the foliage. That spotty red is pretty neat.

Moving back to flypaper traps, I'm taking another go at Pinguicula lusitanica.

Pinguicula lusitanica.
These are so small and silly.
I hope once this one flowers I'll actually get some seed from it, and I can start a proper colony.

Finally, I'm really excited about this Pinguicula encantada from California Carnivores.

Pinguicula encantada.
I just need more pings, is all.
The leaf shape is very similar to Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' (one of my absolute favorite pings), and Damon said that it has the pinkest flowers he's ever seen in a ping. Sounds great to me!

Doing dishes is so much nicer now.

Nepenthes in the windowsill.
I don't know what I'm going to do when they all get bigger.
Looks like I need to clean my windows though.


  1. Hi Devon, is there any possibility to contact you?
    P.S Wonderful plants ;)
    Wojtek, Poland

    1. Hi Wojtek,

      You can always email me at I'm always happy to chat about plants.