Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plants in full regalia

Look at this Utricularia longifolia.

Utricularia longifolia.
Three flowers and more on the way!
Just look at it.

Utricularia longifolia.
I'm very proud.
I promised U. longifolia in my last post, and here it is. I love this plant!

Seeing this bloom show (which is far from over, by the way!) had me poking around the collection looking for plants are are in a similar state of full display. Most plants don't look their best 100% of the time, but these ones at least are currently looking spectacular.

Pinguicula 'Aphrodite' has a couple of cute blooms on it.

Pinguicula 'Aphrodite'.
Hey there little guys!
Insanely, I have several friends who claim to not particularly care for this ping cultivar. How can you resist that little plant! It's much too adorable.

This large Drosera prolifera is doing very well, especially considering that I've had to separate out a couple of plants from this pot recently.

Drosera prolifera.
I think any pot of D. prolifera will inevitably end up a clump if it's happy.
The plants don't quite have the color they did in the middle of winter when things were quite chilly in the garage, but they're still looking pretty fabulous.

The plant that really caught my eye today, and which inspired this post (besides the U. longifolia) was definitely my beloved Drosera ×Dork's Pink.

Drosera ×Dork's Pink.
Be still my heart.
This is just incredible. Based on a rough estimate, I'd guess there are upwards of 50 active traps on this plant, perfectly arranged in this beautiful pink spiral.

Nearby, my Byblis liniflora seems frozen in time as this unspeakably delicate assembly of dew.

Byblis liniflora.
This is still the plant that most people notice when they visit my collection.
I keep trying to find a good similie for it. Sort of like a stand of tiny, sticky trees. Or a city skyline. Such a good plant.

One plant I don't mention much, but of which I am very proud, is this Dionaea muscipula 'Justina Davis'.

Dionaea muscipula 'Justina Davis' Venus flytrap.
Penny for scale. Those are big traps!
This is a nice, mature rhizome, as you can see by the trap size. So far it seems to be doing pretty well under my lights. I hope it gets enough of a dormancy in the garage.

Finally, this pot contains my original Drosera capensis, which is to say, my first ever carnivorous plant. I planted it into a large pot, which was a huge mistake, but really, who can resist a mass of D. capensis?

Drosera capensis clump.
It's a jungle in there.
Someday soon I'll probably take this out and divide it all up, but for now it's sorta fun seeing it losing its mind. Looking good there, D. capensis!


  1. Devon, those plants are looking incredible! The longifolia blooms are incredible! That P. 'Aphrodite' looks amazing! And, the D. x Dorks Pink is huge! That's really great growing!

    1. Thanks Natch! I did deliberately feature the best plants in this post ;)

  2. Stunning plants!! Keep up good growing! :-)

  3. I can't wait for my longifolias to flower! I divided it all up because it was in a tiny pot, so now I'm just waiting. Crossing my fingers for sometime this year, your blooms are stunning!
    Byblis liniflora = put on the list to get soon. "Rainbow plants" were one of the plants I wanted most when I first started growing about 5 years ago, but I could never find them for sale anywhere at that time and they kind of fizzled out in my mind. I've had a few chances to get seeds but passed them up.. Next time I won't :)
    Keep up the amazing growing!

    1. I keep trying to get seed from by Byblis but it doesn't seem to take. I need to do some more reading about it I think.