Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mostly about flowering

This is what comes of letting your Drosera burmannii flower without concomitant feeding.

Drosera burmannii "Hann River".
This is the "Hann River" form, incidentally.
They're quite fallen off from where they were even in March. I think this phenomenon is why people insist that D. burmannii is an annual even though it demonstrably is not – the effort required to not let it bloom itself to death is tiresome, so it ends up dying. I've got to admire its drive to reproduce I guess.

What it needs to do is what this Drosera scorpioides has done and catch some serious prey.

Drosera scorpioides.
Look at this big shiny fly!
Incidentally, this species has never flowered for me. I love seeing small plants catch large prey though, it's always delightful.

This Pinguicula gypsicola × moctezumae has a really nice color to it.

Pinguicula gypsicola × moctezumae.
So pink and pretty!
This pot is really a mess. You can't really tell in the picture, but there are like 6 species and 3 genera in here. Oof.

I love the look of this flower stalk on Pinguicula rotundiflora × hemiepiphytica.

Pinguicula rotundiflora × hemiepiphytica.
This is much too cute.
New ping flowers always look so bashful. Never flowered this one before, so I'm excited!

Nearby my Drosera aliciae is not doing well.

Drosera aliciae.
Just chill out man.
This is one of my first carnivores, and it's been trying in vain to get off a flower stalk for months and months. They all end up aborting, and the plant looks pretty bad now. I can't figure out why it doesn't just chill out about the whole thing. Oh well.

My first Utricularia praelonga flower petal has dropped and it looks pretty cool.

Utricularia praelonga petal.
It's a pretty good-sized flower for a utric.
This probably happened an hour or two before I took this picture, since it's still very fresh and well-shaped. I like how utric flowers just drop as a mass, it's very funny. I'm really getting into Utricularia lately, which is like the most niche part of an already niche hobby. But check out this flower stalk!

Utricularia praelonga flower stalk.
Growing plants is so much fun.
It's almost 18 inches high, and has these bright yellow flowers. That's pretty cool man! I think so at least.


  1. D. aliciae appears to be a bit finky for me, too. I recently divided mine and a couple of the plants are doing really well. A couple of the others are suffering mightily. They're all next to each other and in the same media, so who knows?

  2. My longifolia is flowering! Has yours dropped most of it's flowers? I saw the pic on IG of that one really nice dark flower

    1. Mine has dropped quite a few flowers, but there are plenty that are still fresh and kicking. I expect it to stay in bloom through July, which will be 5 months of flowers. It's amazing!

  3. Have you ever tried flower stalk cuttings for D. burmannii 'Hann River'? Tried it with mine and took a long time but some ended up successful(4). Weird thing was a few of the plantlets(2) tried to send up a single flower bud O.o (they were like 1/2 a centermeter!)one of the 'flower stalks' had a leaf(small and not fully formed) same plantlet actually sent up 2 buds both from the crown. Weird stuff man