Carnivorous Plant Links

There are some great resources out there for carnivorous plant enthusiasts. Here are some of my favorite blogs, forums, and websites about carnivorous plants, as well as some online shops where you can buy plants and other materials. I'll keep updating this page as I find new resources.


  • ExB. A tumblr with lots of great carnivorous plant photography. Really stunning photos.
  • Hooray Plants. Orchids, Nepenthes, Sarracenia, and more – Melody grows cool plants of all sorts.
  • Natch Greyes' Carnivorous Plants. Updated regularly, includes growing guides for several species, reviews of books and products, and an online nursery. Highly recommended.
  • The Carnivore Girl. Cute photos, a passion for Venus Fly-Traps, and lots of fun little art posters and stuff.
  • The Pitcher Plant Project. Updates are somewhat less frequent, but great photographs, as well as videos. A must for Sarracenia enthusiasts.
  • The Pitcher Plantation. Australian Sarracenia blog. Somewhat infrequent updates, but lots of great pictures for the pitcher plant crazed. Also, the reversed Southern Hemisphere seasons mean they have lots of updates in the dead what is winter for most readers of this blog, when our Sarracenia are all asleep.
  • Zone6b. An intrepid outdoor grower living in Ontario proves that carnivores aren't as fragile as people think.


  • CPUK. The foremost European carnivorous plant forum. I mostly just stick to Terra Forums, but there are good resources here for non-American growers. Very active. 
  • Terra Forums. Probably the biggest US-centric carnivorous plant forum (the geographical distribution of forum members is important for trades). Does not allow selling for the most part, but has a very active trading scene. The only forum I check regularly.


  • Barry Rice's Carnivorous Plant FAQs. Big sprawling discussion on all topics related to carnivorous plants. Has information on every genus, including some quasi-carnivores. Chatty writing style, entertaining and extremely informative.
  • Grow Sundews. The best resource for sundew cultivation on the internet. Reams of great information on specific species, guides to propagation, videos – you name it. It's what got me really interested in collecting carnivores.
  • International Carnivorous Plant Society. The ICPS website has information about cultivars, growing guides, and the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, as well as the ICPS seed bank and members-only site. Very useful.


  • California Carnivores. One of the finest sources for carnivorous plants in the United States, California Carnivores ships very well, and sell only very high-quality plants. If you don't see something you're looking for listed on their website it's worth emailing them about – they have a lot of plants that could be yours.
  • Drosera Gemmae. The best place to get pygmy Drosera gemmae from September through March or so. They also sell plants and some other items. Good prices.
  • insektenfang plants. A UK-based nursery specializing in truly stunning Sarracenia, with many named location forms. Can now do orders to the US, but the additional expenses make it affordable only for large group orders
  • Natch Greyes' Carnivorous Plants. Run by the aforementioned blog. Mix of Drosera, Utricularia, Nepenthes, and a few Sarracenia. Prices are fine, quality is good.
  • Predatory Plants. An excellent Bay Area-based full-time nursery. His plants are ostensibly shipped "bare root," but his system is much less traumatic than most bare rooting, and the plants arrive in excellent condition. Great source for Nepenthes and Drosera especially.