Thursday, April 17, 2014

It worked!

A week or so ago I noticed something funny on my Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red leaf cutting. Remember, it fell off during transit in a trade back in March, and I stuck it on a pot just for kicks. Well what do you know, the sucker struck.

Strikes on a leaf cutting of Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red.
The first little strikes. I like how they're sort of ballooning out of the leaf.
Click on the image for a much bigger size, but there are 4 little strikes on there. I was super excited, but couldn't find time to make a post about this until today. By now the plantlets have started producing dew, and I'm just itching to start feeding them.

Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red leaf cutting strikes with dew.
This is only a week after I first noticed the strikes, and here they are with dew.
I'm going to start cutting holes in the little humidity tent I made out of a Ziploc bag to slowly harden off the plantlets. Maybe in a week or two I'll be able to start them feeding.

In the meantime, the two D. filiformis plants from that trade are doing great, as you may have seen in my last post.

Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red with new growth.
The plant on the left has almost doubled in height from when I got it. That's pretty cool!
Lots of growth, nice unfurling leaves, it's everything you could hope for. I'm going to start taking more cuttings of this plant – it's proven to be popular trading material, so I want to get lots more. Plus, it's a great plant!


  1. Nice! I wonder how long it will take mine to "strike." I'm also trying a regia leaf cutting in the same water-float cup. It probably won't work but it is an old leaf anyways.

    1. Hahah good luck on that D. regia. I feel like we've all heard rumors of successful leaf cuttings on that plant.