Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pygmies and D. adelae

I last posted about my Drosera scorpioides a couple weeks ago. Shortly after that post I made a bit of a mistake when I removed the humidity cover over the tray with the gemmae in it and forgot to replace it for 3 days or so. I lost about a third of the plantlets, but the remainder have put on some decent size.

Drosera scorpioides plantlets.
D. scorpioides. Those cocktail straws are being used to prop up the humidity cover.
Drosera scorpioides plantlets.
That guy in the back is my favorite. He's doing great.
I was kicking myself when I realized  I'd killed some of my gemmae, but mistakes happen, and the rest seem to be doing fine. I'm even holding out hope that a couple of the babies that looked a bit brown are bouncing back. We'll see in another couple weeks.

On the subject of pygmies, my D. allantostigma just continues to look great. I can't wait to get gemmae out of this guy – I really want to have a whole pot of them.

Drosera allantostigma, pygmy sundew
I love the color contrast between the green petioles and red laminae on this D. allantostigma.

 The D. adelae that I got from NG Carnivorous Plants is also doing well. It had some serious red coloration from being right near the lights for a couple weeks, but I think I'm going to put it under some lower lights for a few weeks to see if I can get it to size up a bit. It's taken well to feeding also.

Drosera adelae showing red coloration
D. adelae showing some color.
 Finally, 3 of my 4 dormant Sarracenia outside have begun to break their dormancy, but I couldn't get any decent pictures yet. So until they get a bit bigger, here's a beauty shot of my VFT, happily munching on some bugs it's caught in the last week or so.

Dionaea muscipula outdoors with closed traps.
Dionaea muscipula showing its predatory prowess and a nice sun tan.

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