Thursday, May 15, 2014

Carnivorous Plant Communities

A carnivorous plant enthusiast can't last long without getting involved in the carnivorous plant community – lots of plants are next to impossible to find for sale, and trading with other growers is the best way to expand your collection. It's also nice to ask questions, trade growing tips, and just chat with people who share your interest.

Pinguicula gigantea flowering in the tray.
It's more fun to grow in a group!


To go full old-school, there are a number of local carnivorous plant societies with meetings and newsletters and all of that.

There are doubtless more, but these are societies I've either heard about, or which seem to show recent activity online.

There are also a whole host of online resources, many of which I mention on my Carnivorous Plant Links page.


  • Terra Forums – Probably the biggest US-centric carnivorous plant forum (the geographical distribution of forum members is important for trades). Does not allow selling for the most part, but has a very active trading scene. The only forum I check regularly.
  • CPUK – The foremost European carnivorous plant forum. I mostly just stick to Terra Forums, but there are good resources here for non-American growers. Very active.
  • The Sarracenia Forum – A dedicated Sarracenia forum for all the Sarracenia addicts out there.
  • FlyTrapCare Forums – Ditto, but for Dionaea.


There are lots of good Facebook resources for CP growers, both pages with good info and groups for posting photos and questions.


  • Natch Greyes' Carnivorous Plants – Updated regularly, includes growing guides for several species, reviews of books and products, and a small store. Highly recommended.
  • The Pitcher Plant Project – Updates are somewhat less frequent, but great photographs. A must for Sarracenia enthusiasts.
  • Cultivation of Bladderwort – This is a blog in Japanese which is mostly focused on Utricularia. The automatic Google Translate does a passable job, and it's cool to see someone writing about Utrics, which are some of the weirdest carnivores.
  • The Pitcher Plantation – Australian Sarracenia blog. Somewhat infrequent updates, but lots of great pictures for the pitcher plant crazed. Also, the reversed Southern Hemisphere seasons mean they have lots of updates in the dead of America's winter, when our Sarracenia are all asleep.
  • ExB – A tumblr with lots of great carnivorous plant photography. 
  • Nitrogen Seekers – Nepenthes photo blog, colorful and pretty.
  • Hooray Plants – Carnivorous plants, orchids, and succulents galore.

Drosera aliciae.
A Drosera aliciae photo from back in February, for old time's sake.


  1. Just FYI, the Florida CP Society no longer exists, despite having a forum (which no one new can sign up for).

    And, thanks for including me! -N

    1. Thanks for the heads up, I removed it from the list. And hey, I've been reading your blog for months, of course I'd include it :)