Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BACPS 2014 Annual Show and Sale Part Two: Everything Else

In this post I'll share a few more photos from the recent Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society Show and Sale. In part one I posted about the winners of the juried show.

The event was held at the Lake Merritt Garden Center (I didn't get pictures of the surroundings, so have a GIS). It was a really nice day out, but inside the garden center it was pretty warm and humid, being full of people and plants breathing all over each other. There was a really good turnout!

2014 BACPS Show and Sale sales floor.
Lots of people buying plants! Sometimes it was too crowded to move around, which is great!
Most of the plants on offer were Nepenthes and Sarracenia – there was a decent, though not enormous, selection of sundews, and just a few pings. I think I saw a handful of Utricularia as well. I just ended up getting 3 plants, which I'll share at the end of this post.

Sarracenia for sale at the 2014 BACPS Show and Sale
Sarracenia everywhere.
Nepenthes for sale at the 2014 BACPS Show and Sale.
These were reasonably-priced plants, but some of the rarer offerings were hilariously pricey.
Almost makes me wish to be a Nepenthes grower – but not quite :-p

I also had a few more photos from the Show. Here's the Dish Garden table.

Dish Garden/Terrarium table
Such nice plantings.
My pictures of the ping and sundew tables were ruined by the light from the window. Oh well.

Nepenthes table
I wish I had recorded the identity of that big vining plant.
Nepenthes hamata at the 2014 BACPS Show and Sale.`
Hamatas! I think these were grown by Drew Martinez.
There were also loads of Sarracenia in the show. They took up a whole wall and then some!

Sarracenia at the 2014 BACPS Show and Sale.
I can't imagine having to judge all these Sarracenia.
As I said, I only got three plants at the show –  two pygmies, Drosera callistos and Drosera enodes Scotts River, and Drosera admirabilis.

Drosera callistos
These D. callistos will have big orange flowers. Cute!
Drosera enodes
I like stem-forming pygmies, like these D. enodes.
Drosera admirabilis
Finally a positively-identified D. admirabilis. Charming plant!
So much fun! I can't wait for next year.

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