Thursday, July 31, 2014

Funny leaf in U. livida pot

My Utricularia livida is one of my easiest and cutest plants. It just chills out, and has been blooming away for the last several months, although recently it's slowed down a bit.

Utricularia livida flowers.
The older flower stalks are getting a bit droopy. Still whimsical though!
Recently I noticed a weird leaf down in the pot. It doesn't look like any U. livida leaf I've ever seen before, but it definitely looks like a Utric.

Mystery leaf in Utricularia livida pot.
The mystery leaf!
If you look closely there's a second one near the top of the photo. This pot is one of my cleanest – there's no moss or algae to speak of, and nothing except U. livida growing here. Until now, I guess! I wonder what's up. It almost looks like Utricularia calcyfida, but my U. calcyfida has never gotten anywhere near this pot. Mysterious! Guess we'll see if anything else develops.

In other Utric news, I've got a little baby Utricularia biquamata flower in my Drosera callistos pot.

Utricularia bisquamata flower.
The very tiny and very weedy U. bisquamata.
These are so precious. I should set up a dedicated U. bisquamata pot.


  1. Hey Devon. It looks like Utricularia tricolor.

    1. That seems like a pretty fair guess, based on pictures I've seen online. We'll have to see when it flowers though. Thanks Howard!