Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gemmae explosion

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! It's wintertime and my pygmies going nuts on their gemmae. Pretty much every mature species in my collection is producing gemmae, and some are really going overboard with it. It's like they've caught the Christmas spirit.

My original Drosera allantostigma is crammed full.

Drosera allantostigma with gemmae.
This is definitely too many gemmae to count.
The pot I got from Brie is looking a bit messy since I've been using it to demonstrate what gemmae are to people.

Drosera allantostigma with gemmae.
Getting gemmae everywhere.
The Drosera scorpioides I started from gemmae myself are just getting started.

Drosera scorpioides with gemmae.
These D. scorpioides are so lovely and dewy.
While the ones I got at the spring BACPS meeting are going bananas.

Drosera scorpioides with gemmae.
Packed in like grapeshot.
I believe I see gemmae even on my long-suffering Drosera pygmaea. I need to bring it forward in the tray so I can look at it more easily.

Drosera pygmaea with gemmae, hopefully.
Maybe after this my D. pygmaea will finally settle in.
The Drosera helodes look almost ready to harvest.

Drosera helodes with gemmae.
These D. helodes look like they're about to explode.
There are a couple forming on the stem-forming Drosera dichrosepala.

Drosera dichrosepala with gemmae.
That one in the back is just getting started.
While the closely-related Drosera enodes appears to just barely be getting started. Beautiful plants though!

Drosera enodes with gemmae.
The colors on these plants have been fantastic lately.
And finally, the most festive of them all, Drosera callistos.

Drosera callistos with gemmae.
Little Christmas wreaths!
Happy growing everyone. I hope your pygmies are doing just as well. And if you don't have any pygmies yet, keep an eye out on the blog – I'm going to have lots of gemmae to get rid of soon.

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