Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Long overdue potting

Several weeks ago I was very kindly gifted 2 Pinguicula by a BACPS member who invited me over for coffee. I was pretty amazingly busy at the time, and had yet to pot them up. Luckily, they seemed pretty happy to chill out there in the bags.

Pinguicula agnata and Pinguicula 'Pirouette'
I especially love the leaf color on the P. agnata. Pings are adorable.
Pinguicula agnata and Pinguicula 'Pirouette' are apparently pretty vigorous and didn't mind the treatment.

I've also got a leaf cutting of Drosera capensis Bainskloof that has developed quite nicely floating in some water.

Drosera capensis Bainskloof leaf cutting with roots.
Those are impressive roots for a leaf cutting.
It's even got some pretty respectable roots. It was time to transfer to the media.

I don't have any pictures of the potting process, but it was pretty straightforward. Even mature pings don't have much of a root system, so I just sort of stuck them on the pot and piled a bit of soil around their base. For the D. capensis Bainskloof roots I made a little hole and then worked them in.

And here we are!

Pinguicula agnata and Pinguicula 'Pirouette' in humidity tents.
I bought these sandwich bags specifically to use for my plants.
Drosera capensis Bainskloof in humidity tent.
Soon I can start feeding, and then it'll really grow.
The pings look pretty nice, but the leaf cutting will need a couple weeks to settle in at least. I also stuck a couple of leaves that fell off of the P. 'Pirouette' during potting into the soil. Maybe they'll strike!

Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. Looks great. I just took my first leaf cutting of Drosera admirabilis this morning. I'll hope it gets roots like yours!