Friday, February 6, 2015

Back from the dead

Look! My first Utricularia sandersonnii blue form flower in months and months.

Utricularia sandersonii blue form.
These little flowers are so darn cute.
Lost in a sea of moss and Utricularia subulata flower stalks, the Angry Bunny rises again. I don't remember if U. sandersonii is self fertile. I hope it is, cause I'd really like to have a clean pot of it, and I feel like it would be difficult (though perhaps not impossible) to clean off a chunk of stuff from this pot to transplant. Such a pretty lavender color.

After much waiting and speculation, the truth is revealed: my Drosera filiformis Florida Red was dormant rather than dead. It's waking up now!

Drosera filiformis Florida red emerging from dormancy.
Rise and shine little guy.
It went to sleep in August or so, which is a long time for a nap. No matter! I'll let it wake up, feed it heavily for a couple months, and then get propagating. Everybody likes red D. filiformis.

My aphid-ravaged Drosera anglica CA × HI is actually looking pretty good right now.

Drosera anglica CA × HI.
It helps that this is such a vigorous hybrid.
It may be almost time to repot it (and wash away all the soil) so that I can have a clean, aphid-free start. Not sure what I'll do with that Drosera ultramafica × spatulata in there. I'd love to share it around, but I don't want to introduce aphids into anyone's collection. Maybe it'll just end up getting tossed. It happens.

Finally, remember that Drosera brevifolia that came back from the dead a while ago? Now it's in danger of being totally consumed by Sphagnum.

Drosera brevifolia and Sphagnum moss.
I need to clear out this moss.
I feel like I need to start a new clean pot of these guys as well. I have a few seed packets, it's just...I need to make more room under my lights. Again. Story of my life.

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  1. If you want a clean pot of Sandersonii "Blue" I'm pretty sure you can use the flower stalks, "leaves" and runners to propagate them in a fresh pot, also selfing Sandersonii supposedly is possible (though it's hard) but when you self Sandersonii "Blue" it starts losing the classic Sandersonii bunny ears (making me think that it's a hybrid)