Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Things are going crazy out back

Spring is already in full swing here at Pinkhouse. My Sarracenia are throwing up blooms left and right. Last year I didn't get any flowers, so this is exciting!

Sarracenia flava var. maxima flower.
Sarracenia flava var. maxima.
Sarracenia flava var. cuprea flower.
Sarracenia flava var. cuprea.
Sarracenia alata "heavy veins" (Stone County, MO) flower.
Sarracenia alata "Heavy Veins" (Stone County, MO).
Sarracenia alata "red throat" flower.
Sarracenia alata "red throat".
Sarracenia ×moorei flower.
Sarracenia ×moorei.
Sarracenia oreophila flower.
Sarracenia oreophila.
Little alien heads popping up everywhere. I wonder if I should do any crosses this year? Maybe I will!

This last Sunday was the first BACPS Social Plant Swap. We drank beer and traded plants and it was great. I got a Pinguicula laueana.

Pinguicula laueana flower.
Pinguicula laueana with flower.
Look at that big red flower! I should take some pullings.

On a final note, I've started an Instagram. I'll try and it regularly with new pictures. I'm expanding my social media profile (follow me on Facebook too).


  1. Those Sarrs are looking so happy! And yeyyy Instagram :D going to follow you!

    1. Thanks! It's always cool to hear someone likes my plants.

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