Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A few annual species

When I first started growing carnivores I didn't really like the idea of growing annuals. Having to resow your pots every year seemed like it would be a real chore. However, I've reached a point now where I'm interested in all sorts of plants I didn't think I was interested in before. Plus, the whole thing about annuals is that they grow super quickly. Case in point, Byblis liniflora.

Byblis liniflora sprouts.
Little B. liniflora sprouts everywhere.
Byblis liniflora sprouts.
There are at least 10 total in the pot, maybe more.
These seeds were sown less than 2 weeks ago, on February 19th. I hadn't even begun regularly checking this pot for germination yet – they probably actually sprouted a couple days ago, perhaps 10 days after sowing. That's quick!

I started some Drosera indica at the same time, and while it's not quite as dramatic, there are definitely several sprouts in the pot.

Drosera indica sprouts.
Look for the tiny green dots.
Now, of course, I want to get all the different species in what was once the D. indica complex – Drosera hartmeyerorum, Drosera serpens, the lot. That's the fundamental addiction of collecting.

I also love how serious annual species get about flowering. Consider this Drosera brevifolia (which, while not strictly annual, has a lot of annual-like characteristics, especially in habitat).

Drosera brevifolia blooming.
I should really get a clean pot of D. brevifolia going.
It's almost totally engulfed in Sphagnum (which I should really trim back), but damnit it's going to bloom. That's a plant with moxie.

Finally, Bloom Watch: Utricularia longifolia has moved into its second week. Buds are forming and color is developing.

Utricularia longifolia flower bud.
I am so excited about this.
Nice! It's gonna be a great show.

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