Sunday, March 8, 2015

Drosera roseana already making gemmae (plus some Utricularia Sect. Orchidioides)

As I've covered before, I started a bunch of new pygmy sundew species back on December 10th. My Drosera omissa caught me off guard by flowering after 9 weeks – quick turnaround. But now the Drosera roseana have I think topped that feat.

Drosera roseana with gemmae.
D. roseana is a very pretty sundew, besides being (apparently) really really vigorous.
Gemmae. That's just over 12 weeks to go from being a gemma to producing a healthy crop. That's nuts. There's another plant in this same pot doing the same thing. Pygmy sundews are so cool. If you're not growing pygmies you're just messing around.

Today I also noticed new growth on the two members of Utricularia Sect. Orchidioides that I have in my collection. Here's the Utricularia cornigera I bought at the last BACPS meeting.

Utricularia cornigera.
This Utric can get very large. I'm excited.
This is the first new leaf it's put up since being in my collection. I'm glad to see that it seems to like my conditions fine.

My Utricularia humboldtii I received from BACPS Newsletter Editor and Utricularia fanatic Tony Gridley.

Utricularia humboldtii.
I'm going to need to trim off some of the old growth soon.
See those two new leaves in the foreground? I didn't treat this plant very well when I first received it. It sat around in a plastic baggie for around a week after the meeting, and then I just potted it up without any concern for humidity or anything. Luckily it seems to have taken it all in stride. Now I have to be careful that I not let it grow too well, since Tony said, and I quote, "If you win the BACPS show with it I'll never speak to you again."

In more springtime news, my recently-acquired Pinguicula laueana is unfurling its first carnivorous leaf of the season.

Pinguicula laueana.
P. laueana has nice foliage in addition to the striking flowers.
And also it looks like Drosera 'Marston Dragon' is putting out its first serious new leaf post-dormancy.

Drosera 'Marston Dragon'.
The Dragon is stirring.
You know I never really appreciated the spring before I started growing plants. Spring is awesome.

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  1. Would you ever want to trade Utrics in the future :D I've been looking for U. Humboldtii for forever!