Monday, March 24, 2014

Amazing video of Drosera glanduligera snap tentacles

Drosera glanduligera is often considered to be one of the more remarkable sundew species, since it demonstrates rapid plant movement on par with Dionaea (Venus fly-traps) and Aldrovanda (the waterwheel plant), making it one of the fastest-moving plants in the world.

Unfortunately, D. glanduligera is also pretty finicky to grow, requiring fairly specific temperature control and regimented feeding, so I'm unlikely to add it to my collection soon. However, on the ICPS page about the species I found an excellent video that includes some awesome real time and also 5x speed footage of the plant feasting on wingless fruit flies. It's in German with English subtitles.

I know a 23 minute video seems daunting, but it's pretty neat. For the impatient, the action starts around 5:08.

They've got a whole channel of carnivorous plant videos (and a pretty adorable intro video too). Not every video on the channel is translated, but there's a lot of cool footage, and the ones with translations are great. Guess I've found a new YouTube subscription!

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