Friday, March 21, 2014

Plant Trading, part two

Yesterday I got home around 12:30 a.m. (I had been visiting my dad for his birthday) and found that my plants had arrived. All the way from Florida!

Drosera binata T-Form and Multifida Extreme, along with Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red in bags.
A charming sack of plants.
Yeah they don't look like much. I'm still getting used to receiving plants in the mail. In any case, I decided not to wait until morning, and potted them up right away. It was cold and I had to scavenge some pots leftover from other plants I had repotted, but eventually the deed was done.

Three Drosera varieties potted up outside at night.
You make do with what you have, but eventually I'll want to transfer my whole collection to square pots.
Back left is Drosera binata Multifida Extrema, back right is Drosera binata T-Form, front left is Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red, and front right is an extra pot I ended up with that I stuck a D. filiformis leaf cutting on, in the vain hope it will strike (the leaf had fallen off in transit).

Getting everything arranged under the lights was a real challenge. I finally moved the Sarracenia purpurea out to join the rest of the sarrs outside, and moved a couple other pots around, but I am pretty sure that this is it. I cannot acquire any more plants until I get more lights. Probably.

This morning I took some close ups of the individual plants. They're all a bit droopy and sad looking from a lack of light and air and water in transit, but hopefully they'll perk up quickly.

Drosera binata T-Form in the tray
D. binata T-Form drooping over the D. scorpioides tray (which now also houses the VFT).
Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red in the tray
D. filiformis Florida All-Red, with D. capillaris Alabama and D. capensis in the foreground.
Drosera binata Multifida Extrema in the tray
D. binata Multifida Extrema. Mature plants fork like crazy – sometimes with 40-50 points per lamina!
Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red cutting attempt in the tray
The Hail Mary leaf cutting attempt for D. filiformis Florida All-Red
I strongly doubt the D. filiformis leaf cutting will strike, but if it doesn't I can just remove it and use the same pot to start either some D. capensis or D. 'Marston Dragon' plants for a few friends who I'm trying to lure into the hobby. I'll make sure to post some updates once these plants get situated and start looking nice. Fingers crossed.

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