Friday, March 28, 2014

One week plant trade update

Last Friday I posted about plants I had received in a trade – Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema, Drosera binata var. dichotoma T-form, and Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red. The plants looked a bit stressed out by shipping, but I potted them up and stuck them under the lights.

A week later though, they're all obviously getting settled in nicely. All have dew on at least one leaf, and all are putting out new growth.

Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red
Drosera filiformis Florida All-Red. Both plants have new growth!
Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema
Drosera binata var. multifida f. extrema. Lots of new leaves coming out.
Drosera binata var. dichotoma T-form
Drosera binata var. dichotoma T-Form. There are also some leaves up above that are unfurling, but I couldn't get the shot.
Feeding will follow shortly, and hopefully we'll get some robust new growth in the next few weeks. I'm especially excited about that D. filiformis – well-established, mature plants look great, and are somewhat uncommon in cultivation. Exciting!

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